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Smartprint Plus printer

The new printer SmartPrint Plus with thermal transfer technology is
Cabur’s answer to the many different needs in the world of industrial marking.
Ideal for identifying terminal blocks, cables and electrical components.
It is characterized by an attractive and functional design that makes immediate,
simple and intuitive use and it is lighter and more manageable thanks
to a new ultra-resistant ABS thermoplastic polymer shell.
Reliable, versatile, precise and fast SmartPint Plus allows to create high
resolution prints for excellent quality and long-lasting markings.
With SmartPrint Plus you can print up to 100 tags in 6 seconds, identify
terminal blocks made by Cabur and other manufacturers, single cables or
bundles, buttons, electrical components and carry out the complete marking
of the outside panel. Thanks to the 300 meter ribbons, the longest on the
market, it is possible to print up to 600,000 tags for terminal blocks.
The installation of the MarKing Pro XT software and the SmartPrint Plus
printer on WINDOWS systems starting from WIN7 up to WIN10 is quick and
easy and in seconds the printer will be ready for use.
The Multi-Page printing function allows to manage the printer directly by
the buttons onboard the machine and allows easier and more practical use
without having a PC nearby; the new multi-plate function allows to launch
all the prints from pc at once and manage them directly from the printer,
making the printing process faster and easier.
Equipped with a display and two control keys, SmartPrint enables the printing
of alphanumeric texts, logos and graphic symbols on numerous marking
• sleeve tags to identify wires
• adhesive cable marking labels
• tags for terminal blocks
• tags for push-buttons
• tags for contactors/PLCs;
• modular strips for electrical distribution panels
• panel identification tags.